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About Tequesta Fence Builders

When you need a fence in Tequesta, FL - nobody compares to the value and customer service offered by our local installation contractors at Tequesta Fence Builders. With over 15 years of experience caring for fences across all types on property; we are confident that will be able provide something perfect for your home or business needs!

We take pride not only with what type but also how durable each finished fence or gate appears while meeting strict quality standards set forth when building them so they withstand high winds and storms effectively without failing under pressure.

We are licensed and insured with experienced staff to ensure that you get premium-grade workmanship.

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Residential Fence Installation

We can build you a fence that's as straight as an arrow. In fact, we guarantee it! We install top-notch residential fences: backyard fences, pool security fences and automatic gates.  Call us for a free quote.

Commercial Fence Installation

When you invest your money in a commercial property, the last thing that should happen is for anything to jeopardize it. You need quality fencing and we can help!  Give us a call for a free no-obligation commercial fence installation quote.

Fence Repair Services

We also do fence and gate repair work. We love getting those old, beat up fences looking as good as they did when you first put them up! Call us or a free, no-obligation quote.

Affordable Fence Installation in Tequesta, Florida

The Best Fence Installation Company in Tequesta, FL

No matter what you need from a fence, we have it. Whether it be residential or commercial fences to industrial and security installations - our company is your one-stop shop for all things fencing! We'll take care of everything from start to finish so that no detail goes overlooked; including answering any questions along the way as well as walking through each process step by step with prospective clients before they make their decision once placing an order.

Top Backyard Fence Installation in Tequesta, FL

A backyard fence is a great investment for your property and safety. It can be used to distinguish between what belongs to you, but also helps keep children or dogs inside the boundaries of their own space if they like running around outside with no fences.

However, our fences are more than just a screen to keep your kids and pets in. They’re an extension of your-best-house that you can enjoy for years, with our wide selection of styles available!

We know how important it is for consumers to not only be satisfied with their investment but also love what they purchased.

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Explore Your Tequesta Fence Styles with the Pros

Our fences come in many different styles and materials. We offer PVC, aluminum fencing as well as wood or chain link for your yard needs!

No matter what type of fence you choose for your commercial or residential property, we can be sure that it will be installed correctly and only with the highest quality materials. We make it a point to offer better service than all those other "fence installation companies near me" that show up in Google because no one deserves their own personal care when installing a new fence! That's why if our customer knows they're getting top-notch workmanship from us then there is nothing else needed - I mean who wouldn't want someone always looking out after them like this?

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